QED – original fic

I wrote this last year because I’m a massive dork. I know I shouldn’t say this, but reading this again made me laugh a lot. Any physics errors are completely my own fault.



Electron had always been confined in metal with other repellent electrons. All the negativity made Electron unhappy. When Electron met Photon it had the most energetic encounter since its creation and sped away from metal. Electron was free.

Electron was free but still negative, even though it moved faster than it had ever travelled before. Electron couldn’t maintain its constant velocity; it slowed when it emitted photons but moved faster when it absorbed incoming photons. Although its interactions with photons were exciting, Electron was still unhappy.

Some time later (depending on your frame of reference) Electron felt something different, something wonderful, something completely opposite to all its previous experiences. Something positive. Electron was confused, because although it could feel the other particle’s momentum, Electron couldn’t detect where it was.

Electron was unable to control itself and emitted a photon too early. The photon interacted with the positron and Electron forcibly scattered, moving away from the positron and much slower now, a metaphor for its unhappiness.

Electron would have felt more negative than ever before if its charge were not constant.

Electron continued moving and regained some of its velocity through absorbing other photons, but these excitations couldn’t change its nature. Electron was negative. Electron was alone.

Electron felt the presence of another positive particle and desperately wanted to move towards the positron, but still couldn’t control its path. It hoped that this time would be different.

Electron felt Positron move closer with all that wonderful positivity, drawing Electron in. Then Electron collided with Positron, negativity meeting positivity, and all the negativity disappeared. Electron’s universe exploded in light, and both Electron and Positron were gone. Only their energy and momentum remained as two new photons travelled through space, soon to begin the adventure all over again.


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